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P & G Security is one of Queensland’s most popular and prestigious security companies, offering its services to prominent businesses and organisations throughout the state. Embracing the fact that the Security Industry within Australia is changing at an expeditious rate, P & G Security has continually developed its services and operating procedures in order to lead the way in the transformations that are occurring.

The main objective at P&G Security is to ensure that each client is offered the highest level of Security Services possible and to build a relationship between us and our customers that guarantees complete confidence and trust. Our aim is that our clients have peace of mind that their assets are in safe hands with P&G Security and that they are receiving the personal attention and responsive service they deserve.

P & G Security has developed into Queensland’s premier Security Service for the following reasons:

  • We strive to offer the most cost efficient, professional and overall effective service possible to our clients,
  • Clients are guaranteed complete satisfaction in the services offered by P & G Security. Continuous assessment is conducted to ensure that our clients are receiving the highest standards of security and a service that is correctly matched to their specific threats and requirements,
  • All P & G Security staff are employed in-house, meaning that we do not use outside contractors to complete our security work. This results in a workforce of staff that share the same values and passion for the provision of high quality security services as our company does.

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